Explore the possibilities of transfer paints and crayons, creating startling colours on synthetics.

Learn simple techniques using heat tools to create wonderful decorative surfaces and 3D objects.

An opportunity for you to enjoy and explore all the techniques for surface decoration you have been wanting to try!

On the Surface

Manipulating with Heat

Transforming Transfer

On the Surface, Manipulating with Heat and Transforming Transfer and another special additional video on working with plastics. The workshop On the Surface, is exclusive to this course. Please look at the individual course pages for more detail on the workshops.

The course is priced to give you a 10% discount on the price of all 3 workshops and you have the added opportunity to work with Kim up until a month after the third workshop is released. There are 3 inspiration booklets one to accompany each workshop which will be sent out when you enrol.

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Kim will be available for feedback on your works and progress.

You may continue to view the videos, post images and comments for the life of Ruzuku, Sonas Studio – or the internet, whichever finishes first!

Hot Textiles Course

Kim’s first book Hot Textiles is being reprinted!
A perfect opportunity to offer a new course based on this really popular book. Combining 3 Sonas Studio workshops that reflect what is best about the book.

Kim Thittichai


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