The Journey - Through to making printing blocks

The Journey
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The Journey – through to making printing blocks.

How to create and develop original designs. Make you work stand out.

I created the Journey design exercise as a formula to help my students develop their own designs. It is very important to use your own designs, it’s what makes your work stand out from the rest.

I have taught this exercise as part of my course Experimental Textiles since 1999!! I have also taught it as a stand alone workshop all over the UK, Jersey, Australia and New Zealand, and this year –India! I must have taught it hundreds of times.  But still there is a demand for it, and as I am not travelling so much – I have decided to release it as an online workshop.

This workshop also includes the 2 other design exercises I use and then shows you how to make printing blocks form your designs.

I will be keeping an eye on how you are all doing and will dive in when needed.

Do introduce yourselves on Ruzuku and do post images of your work. You can post one at a time.

I hope you get as much pleasure from painting and then using your Journey as I have had teaching it all these years.

I look forward to seeing what you all get up to.





the journey

Kim Thittichai


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