Transforming Transfers

Explore the possibilities of transfer paints and crayons, creating startling colours on synthetics and more subtle effects on naturals. We will try resists, overprinting, layering and various ways of applying paint and crayons. Build a portfolio of delicious samples on an amazing array of fabrics.

Your printed samples will be exciting backgrounds to stitch into.


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Transfer printed fabrics have been ironed on Bondaweb and then cut with a soldering iron to create great wiggly shapes. The cut shapes are then ironed onto another transfer printed background.

Strips of transfer painted paper and been ironed of several times to create this lovely layered effect.

More strips of transfer painted paper repeatedly ironed onto a white synthetic background. Great depth.

Circular shapes cut out of transfer painted paper and ironed onto transfer printed background.

A resist print using ferns. A single colour is necessary to get a really good print. Too much colour would be distracting.




Kim Thittichai


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