Each workshop consists of demonstration videos, tips and techniques to follow, they are process not project based, you are always encouraged to use a technique to find your own way.

Longer workshops are accompanied by inspiration booklets, which will be sent by post, these are exclusive to the online courses.

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All workshops will be available to view on the Ruzuku website for the life of either Ruzuku, Kim Thittichai Online or the Internet which ever ends first. That way, if something happens to get in the way of you settling down to work, you don't need to panic about time running out.


Online Workshops

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Although I have played with Tyvek (and Bondaweb) on a cursory level on various day courses over the years, I was tempted by Kim's online course as I felt it would give me the opportunity to explore more fully, be inspired by Kim and other textile enthusiasts and to gain further insights into how I could incorporate these interesting materials into my textile work. Kim - you and your course have exceeded all my expectations ... it has been wonderful, exciting and very fulfilling!

Anita Yearsley - Manipulating with Heat and A New Starting Point


Kim Thittichai


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